Doulaing the DoulaDONA International Birth Doula Training Workshops

Workshops for Nurses, Nursing and Medical Students


Nurses, nursing and medical students are welcome in all workshops, but this one is designed with your career needs in mind. Many nursing students want experience in labor and delivery before completing school. Doula work can help to meet that need. Still others are uncertain whether obstetrics or midwifery are the right choice. The workshop can provide concrete answers to those questions.

The curriculum has been adapted to present both what a doula might do and what a nurse might do in certain situations. Advanced positioning strategies have been added to the curriculum. Nurses who have a repertoire of labor support skills have much more to offer their patients! While doctors and nurses are trained to focus on the processes of birth, doulas are trained to focus on the person birthing.  The most effective practitioners embrace both perspectives, which is challenging to do in the real world.

Nurses and physicians will attend more births than a doula ever can – they have the possibility of influencing the lives of thousands of families and babies. This training will teach you the skills of caring for others that are left out of most health care curriculums, but are vital to providing emotional support for all patients. I am excited and proud to help you become the care provider that you hope to be.

In 2018, the training has been revised to include 18 continuing education hours (CEs) for nurses.  Dr. Gilliland is licensed by the California Board of Nursing as a continuing education provider, #16959. This includes the beginning birth doula training (14 hours); advanced training in positioning to solve specific problems (1.5 hours), and training in recognizing and treating the previously traumatized patient (1.5 hours).  People with previous trauma often present with lengthy birth plans, a high need for control, and emotional lability. They may interact with distrust or a sense of fatalism. However, these responses can often be avoided if they are recognized early and treated with an appropriate protocol – which makes interaction much easier for the patient, nurse, and careprovider.


Below are comments from past participants. These comments were written spontaneously on my evaluation forms. Numerically, the workshop participants rated the workshop an average of 98.5 out of 100 – an A by any standards!


“It’s such a bonus when my students take the training!  They become amazing students in clinical as a result…It’s such a struggle to keep this a reality in our hyper-medicalized-surgicalized health care world. Thanks for doing what you do!”

-Nursing College Faculty Clinical Instructor

“This workshop was very beneficial for nursing students and nurses. You were awesome and really engaging.”

-Edgewood College Nursing Student

“I really feel this workshop gave me something I was missing from nursing school.”

– The most common comment on evaluation forms from nurses and students

“I felt seen, supported, inspired, energized, and prepared to make a bigger difference for my patients. I’m so glad I did this.”

    -Labor and Delivery Nurse, 7 years experience

“Nothing needs improvement! Everything flowed well in a smooth sequence. What I really enjoyed is you used so many methods of teaching. I could tell you knew what you were doing and you were well prepared.”

-UW Madison Western Campus Nursing Student

“Amy really brought it all together. I gained a sense of the political, social, racial, historical, power and system influences on my profession.  There have been so many things that didn’t make sense my first ten years in labor and delivery.  And now they do.” 

-Labor and Delivery Nurse, 10 Years Experience

“I have never heard anyone else talk so respectfully when discussing medical caregivers, nurses, and differing viewpoints on medical care.”

-UW Oshkosh Nursing Student

“I really enjoyed this. I learned a whole lot that I know I will use. This was the best investment for my money since I started school! Anyone interested in midwifery NEEDS this workshop!”

-Marquette University Nurse-Midwifery Student

“Amy has a great background in research that really enriches the workshop. She is very enthusiastic about birth work and the difference it makes.  The atmosphere was amazing, so relaxing and inviting!”

-MSOE Nursing Student




I wish I would have taken this before I had my clinical rotation!