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During the preparation phase of the workshop, you’ll complete your book reading, read about certification and ethics, watch some videos, fill out the pretest, and hopefully take the Childbirth Education for Professionals class.  If you have time, here are projects you can do now or later to begin your doula practice.

Your space is confirmed when the registration form and payment have been received. You will be emailed a confirmation letter with details about the training. If you do not hear from me within a few days, please contact me again.

Here are the three documents you’ll need to download.

  1. Pretest: Unlike a traditional test, the pretest has opinion questions as well as knowledge questions. It helps me to get to know you better and communicates what I expect you to know.  People usually enjoy the exercise and find it a great way to feel prepared. You can type in answers or do it by hand. Complete instructions on where to send it and when it is due are in your confirmation letter. [Download Test (Word)]
  2. DONA Birth Doula Certification Requirements: This pdf document outlines the requirements for birth doula certification, estimated costs, reading list options and frequently asked questions (FAQs)  from DONA International [Download File]. For more detailed information about certification or to have any questions answered, please go to
  3. Read the DONA International Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics (pdf) for birth doulas. Think of two questions you have and bring them with you to the workshop.
  4. DONA International’s Leadership Team is asking that workshop participants understand some key historical events that affect how patients experience their perinatal care.  They recommend viewing these two videos by Vox: “How The US Health Care System Is Still Haunted By Slavery” (9 mins) and “The Culture War Between Physicians and Midwives” (6 mins). You may also enjoy this video on how “Midwives Address Health Disparities” (10 mins). These videos may be triggering for people of color whose lives are affected by these issues. Please use self care strategies if you choose to watch – breathing, grounding, pleasure triggers close by.
  5. (optional) Are you considering having your own independent doula business?  If so, you may be interested in completing the DTD Marketing Exercise.  People who complete all six steps of the exercise may participate in a Mastermind on the last day of the course, getting input from other people in their training.  Here are the first four questions on the exercise, which you can complete before the training.  You’ll be given the rest in your training manual.  You’ll also want to set aside a half hour to complete the last two steps on your own before the morning of Day 3.  Want to know more?  Here’s a two minute video explaining the exercise.
  6. (optional) An important topic in perinatal care today is the issue of racial disparities in birth outcomes and racism in health care.  If you don’t know much about this, you may enjoy reading the O magazine article, Getting Sick While Black.
  7. (optional) “The Modern Role of the Professional Doula” Article by Amy L. Gilliland: This article, written when I was just beginning my research, discusses the doula’s role, how nurses and doulas get along, strategies for preventing conflict, and birth plans. It will help you to understand the perspective that doulas need to adopt to be effective and major issues that doulas face in independent practice. It continues to be my most cited article even years after it’s publication.  [Download File]
  8. (optional) You may be interested in reading some posts on my Blog, Doulaing The Doula.Doula-reading-materials

Directions to the Madison meeting location: The 2020 Madison Trainings are held at the Clarion Inn and Suites, 2110 Rimrock Road, Madison, (608) 284-1234.  It is easily accessible to the freeway and is a safe place for a person alone to stay.  They offer a FREE shuttle service to the Dane County airport and local restaurants and attractions. It is connected to the Madison Bike Path system from both the east and west sides of Madison. There is a bike rack in front of the building although it does not have a rain cover.  The city bus system route 11, 12, 13 and 16 stops within two blocks on weekdays. On weekends 13 and 16 serve the area (confirm the bus route).  However, it does not have restaurants within walking distance.  For those without cars, we will try to find you a “lunch buddy” or use a food delivery service.

Directions to the Milwaukee meeting location:  The 2020 Milwaukee area trainings are held at the Country Inn and Suites Hotel, 1250 South Moorland Road in Brookfield, WI, (262) 782-1400. The hotel is next door to four restaurants, a full service grocery store, and twenty more restaurants are within a five minute drive. This is a safe and family friendly hotel built next to a wetland.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


Doula Dreams

The pretest and pre-workshop assignments are essential. They were very helpful to organize my thoughts and prepare me for this intensive workshop.