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Options After Your Training


At Doulaing the Doula, you have options after your training!

Option One: Become A Doulaing The Doula Certified Birth Doula. Sign up for our online, self paced Certification course. It is designed to assist you in your growth as you attend births, and is structured as an online course. The requirements are attendance at six births, writing a birth story, reflection on each birth, and feedback from parents and nurses or midwives observing you. Trainees are listed in our website directory as soon as you are accepted into our program! There is also a reading list. You can complete your certification requirements in as little as three months’ time or take up to two years. Submit all of your videos or written responses through our Thinkific course site. It’s FREE to Preview.  ($250)

Application Form For Our Certification Program 

Option Two: Take our Foundations of Doula Practice course. This six month course is open to anyone, even people who have not trained with us, because we want ALL doulas to be successful. Your experienced doula Coach will mentor you through nine topics. Participants will have creative projects to complete before each meeting. This original curriculum is unique to Doulaing The Doula, and was designed by Amy Gilliland to be insightful, fun, and educational. Join others in a supportive atmosphere as you grow your doula selves!  Each meeting includes some prep work and discussion about culture, colonization, or other relevant topic to doula support. In our readings, group work, and time together, we strive to be respectful of all peoples and their differing experiences. The topics covered are:

Week 1: Who Am I? Who Is Supporting Me?
Week 2: Getting Out of My Own Way and Who Are My People?
Week 3:  What is my Vision for My Doula Practice?  What is my Purpose?
Week 4: How Am I Compensated?  What are my Rewards?
Week 5: How Will People Know What I’m Doing? Getting the Word Out
Week 6:  How will I Organize Everything? How Do I Implement my Plan?
Week 7: Beginning The Client Relationship
Week 8: Doulaing in Times of Grief and Loss
Week 9: Creating A Team with Medical Staff; Revisit Your Vision

Plus: One hour private discussion with your Coach at the time of your choosing!

Here are our current Foundations and Book Club Listings.

Option Three: Want to spend time with more doulas discussing ideas? Participate in our six meeting Book Club with an experienced doula Coach.


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Amy Gilliland says: I trained for over two decades for DONA International and left because I wanted to offer a certification program that met the needs of today’s doulas, and was based on research into what builds successful doulas. Certification is supposed to be a beginning credential and something a doula can achieve in six months or less, just like any other beginning health care credential. Our process has many advantages for you, since it is simpler, relationship based, and created to nurture you as you grow. We list you on our web site as soon as you begin the program. You can complete it in as little time as three month’s time (depending on your access to pregnant people and their due dates!). We know you and care about you – you don’t have to prove to us that you’re trustworthy, just that you’ve mastered the beginning doula skill set.

"I truly believe in your philosophy - that we learn how to doula others by being nurtured ourselves as new doulas. I'm so excited to be a Coach and be that person for somebody else."