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Certification Options


At Doulaing the Doula, you have options for certification!

Doula Certification Options


Doulaing the Doula training is recognized as excellent by several organizations and eligible for multiple certification processes. You can choose the certification option that is best for you!

You can train with us and then certify with Doulaing The Doula, CAPPA International or Lifespan Doulas.

If you train and certify with us, you can then receive dual certification with either DONA International or CAPPA International. Certifying with us first saves you hundreds of dollars, adds to the bargaining power of our organization, plus you get a year of fabulous mentoring and a two year web site listing!

Want more details?

1. Beginning in November 2021, Doulaing The Doula is offering a mentored certification program! Our program centers you, the doula, as you grow and develop. An experienced Certification Coach works with you in small groups for over a YEAR as you organize your practice, locate your clients, and attend your first births. You are eligible for the program if you have taken your training from Amy Gilliland in the last thirty six months and all future trainings.

2. All Doulaing The Doula trainings are eligible for labor doula certification through CAPPA International.  You may begin the CAPPA certification process immediately after taking your DTD training.  Or, you can train and certify with Doulaing The Doula, then pay CAPPA a fee and be certified with them too!  This option is not specifically listed on their site. CAPPA is a membership organization with several perinatal training and certification programs and a free online conference every year.

3. Do you want a self paced online certification program?  Lifespan Doulas accepts our trainings for their program.

4. Trainings ending on or before July 2021 are good for certification with Doulaing The Doula and DONA International.  After that, DONA International will accept Doulaing The Doula‘s Training and Certification Program as qualifying for DONA birth doula certification!  Yes, you can train and certify with us, then pay DONA a fee and be certified with them without meeting any additional requirements. Then you would be certified by two organizations!

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Amy Gilliland says: I trained for over two decades for DONA International and left because I wanted to offer a certification program that met the needs of today’s doulas, and was based on research into what builds successful doulas. Certification is supposed to be a beginning credential and something a doula can achieve in six months or less, just like any other beginning health care credential. Our process has many advantages for you, since it is simpler, relationship based, and created to nurture you as you grow. We list you on our web site as soon as you begin the program. You can complete it in as little time as three month’s time (depending on your access to pregnant people and their due dates!). We know you and care about you – you don’t have to prove to us that you’re trustworthy, just that you’ve mastered the beginning doula skill set.

"I truly believe in your philosophy - that we learn how to doula others by being nurtured ourselves as new doulas. I'm so excited to be a Coach and be that person for somebody else."