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Certification Program Policies


How can I reserve my spot?

A deposit of $200.00 reserves your spot in any certification group.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can make payments by money order, check, PayPal, or Square in any way that makes sense to you. Our only rule is that your balance is paid in full before your first Foundations of Doula Practice meeting. If you have unexpected trouble making your last payment, let us know. We’d rather have you start with this group and make a later payment.

What if I sign up and change my mind?

Refunds are available up to four weeks before the beginning of your first certification group meeting. An administrative fee of $50.00 is charged for every refund. If you wish to cancel within the four week period, your money is refunded (minus the administrative fee) only if we have another qualified applicant to take your place.  If we do not have another qualified applicant, we retain your $200.00 deposit and refund the rest. Refunds are usually by check.

What if I choose a date, time and Certification Coach and then need to change before it’s started?

Four weeks or more before the beginning of your first certification meeting is not a problem (as long as there is room in the new group).

Within the four week period, the cost of deferring to a later time is $100.00.

If it is within ten days of your first meeting, the cost is $200.00.

There is a real cost to your Certification Coach when you decide to change to a later date.  If we cannot fill your spot, the certification coach is without the income from your fee. The $100 or $200 you pay goes directly to them because we could not fill your spot.

Your deposit is good for one year.  If you do not sign up for a certification group within a calendar year of your cancellation, your deposit goes into the scholarship fund.

What if I start my program and then need to change?  What if the day and time I signed up for no longer work for me?

It depends on where you are in your program and if there are openings in the other group. Certification fees goes directly to the coach who is leading your group.  So when you switch groups, you are changing the income for the coaches.  We strongly prefer that you stay with one coach for Foundations of Doula Practice and Book Club, which meet for the first four months of your program. Switching during the nine month Accountability and Growth phase is much easier.

What if I miss a meeting?

The only required attendance elements of our program for certification are the six meetings for Book Club Foundations of Doula Practice and Accountability and Growth are optional. If you miss a Book Club meeting, you can make that up in four ways:

  • attend a later Book Club for the same topic taught by the same Certification Coach (preferred)
  • attend a Book Club for the same topic taught by another Certification Coach
  • use half of your one bonus hour with your Coach to go over the book
  • pay your Coach’s consulting fee to meet with you about the book for a half hour

If you miss a Foundations of Doula Practice meeting or Accountability and Growth meeting, that’s okay with us as they are not required.  You can email, text, or phone your certification coach to see if there is another session on the same topic you can attend with another coach as a visitor/observer.

Attendance and Engagement Policy

You are expected to show up on time, ready to engage with others, and spend 90% of your time on camera paying attention to the group.  Eating, feeding an infant, and needlework are fine.  Doing your nails, sorting through your emails, or making dinner are not acceptable activities while in your certification program meetings. Yes, you are paying for the program. But our goal is to shape you into a better doula version of yourself.  That requires active investment and engagement on your part. If that’s not happening, and you are losing interest, or not relating to your coach or group members, please call or email us to discuss it.  Start with your coach, they are veterans at listening and conflict resolution.  If that doesn’t work, or you feel it’s not appropriate for your issue, contact Amy Gilliland. Our goal is for you to be successful and that is a team effort.