Doulaing the DoulaBirth Doula Training and Certification

Mission and Philosophy

Why Are We Here?

To provide the highest quality birth and postpartum doula trainings where evidence based research, positive relationships with medical professionals, communication skills, client autonomy, and self care are emphasized. Our doula trainings are for all people with all kinds of bodies who wish to provide nurturing care to others during life transitions, with an emphasis on the perinatal period. 

Our purpose is to provide a doula certification process grounded in the natural growth and development of doulas; that empowers the individual doula; and builds a stronger doula community.  

Our desire is to address the inequities that racialized ethnic groups and other marginalized peoples experience in our perinatal care system. We do this by creating an aware and savvy work force of caregivers who are prepared to labor alongside others to create social change and encourage justice.

What Is Our Philosophy?

Caring for others is an innate ability that everyone is born with, however the skills of supportive caregiving are learned.  Nurturing skills are learned best by being nurtured by others. Our goal is to nurture and doula you through the entire process: from the first email you send to Amy all the way through to the end of your certification process. 

Dr. Gilliland’s research has also revealed that birth doula work has predictable challenges and stages of growth. We offer an atmosphere of support and connection with others to build your confidence and create even more success in your life.    

The doula profession serves less than 10% of families having babies. (Listening To Mothers III Survey, 2013; Childbirth Collective of MN) That’s 90% of people who need to be reached with what doulas can offer.  A stronger, larger, more diverse doula community will reach more and different families.