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Online Doula Training

Doulaing The Doula

now offers LIVE virtual trainings!

Experience the
Magic, Inspiration, Education and Transformation
from your own space!

Doulaing The Doula is known for high quality, information intensive, inspirational learning experiences.

This is NO exception!



“I felt just as connected to my online training group as I did in your in person class!”

You will receive:

  • Small group learning
  • Variety in presentation style
  • 350+ page resource manual (print and electronic)
  • Doulaing the Doula swag
  • Your own copy of the Stages of Labor activity
  • Training assistants represent a wide variety of backgrounds
  • Have a maximum of 1 to 7 training assistant to participant ratio
  • Opportunities to ask questions and build community

  • Professional technology assistant available during the entire training
  • Schedule optimized for your “learning brain”
  • Plans to include your friend or family member in learning hands on skills
  • Adapting to do virtual support for families
  • A personally autographed copy of The Heart of The Doula: Essentials for Practice and Life 
  • Alumni discounts on future online and in person continuing education events for two years (currently 12 courses rotated)

Your Investment is $850.00!

Reserve your space with a $200 deposit!  That’s all for a 40 hour fully designed course by an expert doula trainer AND a new career!  You can recoup your training costs with your first one or two clients!

(Your supply box is sent once complete payment has been made. See course policies for information about scholarships, cancellation, babies, etc.)

What people are saying…

“Amy designed our whole experience from registration to after the closing session; she thought about every detail. Whenever I had a question or a technical issue, someone was there to help…I was truly doula-ed through my whole training.”

“I never would have known this was your first time online. As an educator you are a pro!”

“This was my second birth doula training and Amy blew me away! She is so knowledgeable and explained the WHY about birth from so many perspectives. It was three times as much information. I definitely recommend this training to others!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed learning so much. Frankly I was dreading all the screen time. But Amy’s teaching style made it all go by so fast!”

“I wish all nurses and doctors working in labor and delivery could take this workshop.”

“When is your next one?  I want to tell all my friends!”

"I never expected to feel so connected in an online training. But Amy did it. Four of us cried at the end."