Doulaing the DoulaBirth Doula Training and Certification

Want To Join Us?

Want to help create better doulas?

Want to be part of an organization that centers the doula and their community in their training and certification processes?

Want to be part of an organization that is actively seeking to end inequities in birth outcomes that are categorized by racialized ethnicity or immigrant status?  

Want to hang out with people who are striving to be anti-racist and create safe spaces for doulas to learn and grow?

Then you’ve found your home. 

We are actively working to create certification groups with Certification Coaches from specific communities in order to nurture doulas in those communities.  We believe that doulas can legitimize each other’s experiences and choices. Our program is designed to be flexible and center the doula and their community in their learning.  We will modify our training and certification programs for additional/different speakers and topics in order to meet a community’s unique needs.  For example, in 2022, we will be sponsoring a Spanish speaking, Latinx/Hispanic centered certification group. The Certification Coaches are from that community and have their own reading list and Book Club topics.

We are actively seeking doulas who identify as a Person of Color/Black/African American/Caribbean American/ to lead Certification Coaching groups who are from Milwaukee, Racine, or Kenosha counties. If you are from a community that is marginalized in the majority culture, and you want to create more doulas in and from that community, we want to work with you.

How to get started? Let us know from the beginning of your desire to join our team. Even if you are an experienced birth doula, you’ll need to attend the entire workshop series. We’ll work with you to discern your strengths and design a plan to develop other needed skills for the Certification Coach position. Amy is also looking for in-person training assistants to assist with labor simulations and teaching comfort measures.

If you an experienced birth doula trainer who loves our model, consider becoming a Certification Coach with us first. When we are ready to expand our trainer roster, we’ll choose from people we know well and who we trust to carry out our vision.

Interested?  Fill out the Contact Form and let us know!

Amy Gilliland