Doulaing the DoulaBirth Doula Training and Certification

Welcome GOE Trendsetters!

Doulaing The Doula welcomes you to our birth doula training and certification programs!

The dates for your special training are the five Tuesdays in August 2022.  August 2,9,16, 23, & 30.  Class begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m., with 45 minutes for lunch and several short breaks during the day.

What if I want to take an online training?

That’s fine too. We have one starting Wednesday, September 21. The tuition is the same, and the final payment is due September 7.

What does it cost?

Your tuition is 20% off the regular tuition for the course, and is $500.00.  You can make payments via PayPal, check or money order. The deadline for the last payment is July 30th.

Your other costs for the course would include your books, which you can buy (and lend to clients) or get free at the library.  Parking may also cost $6-$10 a day in a paid lot. You are welcome to bring your lunch, have it delivered, or go out to a local restaurant.

Where is it?

The location is a five minute walk from the Milwaukee Public Market. It is on the North Water Street bus lines, The Hub, and on the KK River Bike Trail. We can provide a secure garage for your bicycle. We are in a condominium home with two bathrooms, air conditioning, a full kitchen, and nice view.  It’s a great learning “nest”!  You are welcome to bring what you need to feel comfortable.

What if I miss part of the training?

You can make up any part of the training at a later workshop, except for August 9. Participants missing class midday on August 9 will need to start the doula training at a later date.

Why take a Doulaing The Doula Birth Doula Training?  So many reasons!

I, Amy Gilliland, am personally invested in your success! Black women attending other Black women in labor is the key to massive social change, better health outcomes, and spreading LOVE all over.  I’ve been training doulas for twenty five years, researching birth doulas for twenty, and dedicated to the cause of raising up Black women, mothers and families for seven. My trainings actively center the different ways Black women experience birth, and I know enough about how things work in Milwaukee to give you practical advice.  Our Certification Coordinator, LeKecia Lovett, has her own PreNatal Care Coordination business, so we understand the nature of your work.  Although I am culturally white, I try hard not to let it get in the way of my training.  I work with an anti-racism coach regularly, and people really enjoy training with me.  I see you, I respect you, and I want to create opportunities for you to lift your people up.


Am I certified as a birth doula after this course?

The five days covers two classes, Childbirth for Professionals and the Birth Doula Training Workshop.  After completing the two classes, you are qualified to attend births as a beginning doula. You receive a certificate of completion for each course.  You are NOT certified as a doula.

What do I need to do to become certified? 

We offer a Birth Doula Certification Program that includes a year of small group mentoring for only $500.00.  In order to be certified as a doula, you would need to attend six births, write birth stories, reflection sheets, and be observed by and receive feedback from other birth professionals. This is the only program we know of that offers a year of small group mentoring with an experienced doula.

Do I have to be certified to get into the hospital with my client?

Maybe, but probably not. Hospitals change their doula policies with COVID infection rates. Your client should check with the birth center to find out their current policy. Some have always allowed doulas  (UnityPoint Meriter in Madison, WI; West Allis Women’s Pavilion in Milwaukee, WI).  Others state that the doula must be certified.  However, several have accepted a completion certificate from my doula training as sufficient, and not required full certification. For those hospitals who are requiring that the doula be certified, we offer Provisional Certification for the doulas enrolled in our Certification Program.  This enables them to be certified and meet the hospital’s requirement, however it is only for a limited time period.

It really depends if the hospital is looking for a way to include doulas, or is looking for a way to keep them out. If they really want you there, your completion certificate from the workshop will likely be enough to grant you entry (it explains that your training was 28 nursing continuing education hours which bolsters your credibility).  If they are looking for a way to keep you out, they won’t accept your completion certificate and insist on certification papers.  Then you’ll need to decide whether you’re likely to keep going back to this hospital, which means taking our certification program is your best next step. We can supply you with Provisional Certification papers right away. If you aren’t going to be interacting with this hospital system and don’t wish to certify at this time, then you might need to find a certified doula for this client.

I have more questions!  The answers are probably already on this site.  I hate having to email people when I have a question so I put every thing I could think of on this web site!

I look forward to having you in a future training!