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To pay by U.S. check or money order, mail the full tuition if it is within four weeks of the start date or a $200.00 deposit. Full payment is due three weeks before the start of the workshop. Checks are not accepted less than ten days before the workshop, but money orders are. Make checks payable to Doulaing The Doula and send to 2829 Sylvan Avenue, Madison, WI 53705.

Payment is expected within 5 days of sending this form.  Your space is not reserved until a payment is made. Thank you!

You may register for more than one workshop at a time and use the same form.  Just make sure the dates you wish to attend are both listed (ex: Oct 1 Intro Class and Dec 8-10 Doula Training).  You will also enter your own amount in PayPal because the prices differ.

Filling out and sending the form means you agree to the refund and cancellation policies.

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Would you like to preorder a personally autographed copy of The Heart of The Doula at the reduced price of $16.95? (Add it to your registration total, $575.00 + 16.95 = $592.95!)

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Your space is not reserved until a payment is made, but you can review the preparation assignments on the Already Registered? page right now.

I was thinking of how much you empowered me during that workshop and I am just so excited for the chance to help women feel as empowered as I do. It has actually had a profound effect on how I view and manage so many aspects of my different relationships, at home with my family and even at work with the students I work with. I can't thank you enough for these tools that I will forever remember and use in so many aspect of my life, not just childbirth.