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Evidence-Based, Trauma-Informed Courses for All People

Certification and Post-Training Options for Doulas

Doulaing The Doula offers modern, culturally adaptable doula courses that are accessible to all people, from the casual learner to career doulas and medical professionals.

Our unique doula training programs:
  • Were developed with research on what makes doulas both successful and satisfied
  • Strengthen the neurological caregiving system of the brain
  • Offer a certification process that is grounded in the natural development of the new doula
  • Include multiple post-training support and education opportunities to build your practice
  • Provide an evidence-based curriculum that satisfies the needs of today’s perinatal workforce
  • Champions a workable code of ethics and standards of practice
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Doula as an Action, Practice, and Movement

Our founder, Dr. Amy Gilliland, is the first author and researcher to use doula as a verb in print, documenting her research participant’s use of the word during an interview. “I watched as she doulaed her through every contraction.” Although you might not find it in the dictionary yet, to us it means:

doula. (verb)

1. to nurture, centering the client & their interests.
2. To utilize neurologically based caregiving skills of the social brain

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Transformative, Comprehensive, Culturally Informed Doula Courses

Our courses, designed by Dr. Amy Gilliland, one of the most respected doula trainers in North America, focus on creating well-rounded, thoughtful doulas using evidence-based, trauma-informed, culturally aware curriculum. Participants learn real-world doula skills from an experienced doula, research scientist, and award-winning educator who is personally invested in their learning. On top of learning about perinatal care and brain-based caregiving, we want you to have an experience that leaves you feeling like a better version of yourself: more capable and more confident.

Introduction to Childbirth
DTD Childbirth Course

A great way to get started on your doula path or to learn more as a professional doula with topics covering:

  • Anatomy & the reproductive system
  • Physiology of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and more
  • Medical terms
  • Medication administration and effects
  • Labor positions
  • And more!

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Birth Doula Training
Birth Doula Training

An intensive three-day workshop that dives deeper into the role of the doula and covers topics like:

  • Emotions and psychological processes associated with labor & birth
  • The role of labor support
  • Hands on skill building for positioning and comfort measures
  • Enabling birthing parents to cope with complications
  • Scope of practice
  • And more!

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DTD Postpartum Course

An interactive online course designed to help doulas understand the postpartum experience and to develop strategies to support families in the first year after birth. The course covers topics like:

  • Physical recovery
  • The new parental brain
  • Psychological adjustment and emotional recovery
  • Postpartum grief, rage, mood disorders, and suicide prevention
  • Discovering baby
  • Sexual intimacy, body image, and genital self-image

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Postpartum Doula Training

A Three-Day Intensive, Interactive Workshop

Our Postpartum Doula Training is designed to empower postpartum doulas in supporting families when an infant has complex care needs and in helping parents find harmony in a new household. This three-day in-person workshop covers key topics and support techniques to help postpartum doulas better serve their client families.

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Infant Feeding Course
DTD Infant Feeding

A course designed to help doulas help the parents they serve with their feeding journey, whether that includes breast feeding, bottle feeding, or both. This course covers topics like:

  • Breastfeeding basics
  • The journey of lactation
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Human milk expression
  • Infant formula feeding

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Newborn being held by mother during doula training
DTD Newborn Communication Skills

This workshop is designed to increase the skill and accuracy of doulas, nurses, and other perinatal professionals in recognizing infant cues to an advanced level of 85% agreement. Participants will:

  • Analyze infant communication video content focusing on a wide range of babies as both individuals and in small groups
  • Learn how to engage parent curiosity in what their child is naturally doing
  • Identify and analyze the nine measures of infant temperament and key temperament profiles. Exploring ways to co-create knowledge with parents about their child
  • Developing a working model of that child‘s temperament with their parent(s)

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Foundations of Practice
Foundations of Doula Practice

Build your doula practice by exploring key business and marketing principals that will help you:

  • Connect more meaningfully with your target clients
  • Share your doula message across multiple platforms
  • Better manage required paperwork
  • Learn more about culture, colonization, and Doulaing as a radical act of equity and justice

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CE for Medical Providers
CE for Medical Providers

Training workshops specifically designed for nurses, medical professionals, and medical students to enhance their labor support skills. Earn CEs as we cover topics including:

  • Positioning
  • Comfort measures
  • Optimizing relationships with labor partners
  • Treating previously traumatized patients
  • And more!

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