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To help doulas in all communities thrive in their passion, we have developed live virtual birth doula training! Experience the magic, inspiration, education, and transformation of our Birth Doula Training Workshop from your own space! Doulaing The Doula is known for high quality, information intensive, inspirational learning experiences and this live, virtual course is no exception!

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Course Recognition

After attending all the required components of the workshop, participants receive a completion certificate. The course offers 24 interactive CE hours and 4 self-paced online CE hours for a total of 28 instructional hours. When taught by Amy Gilliland, this course offers 28 CE hours by the California Board of Nursing.

Dr. Amy Gilliland On Laptop Teaching Class
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Virtual Accommodations and Materials

As a participant of our Birth Doula Online Workshop, you will:
  • Intentionally participate in activities designed for online learning
  • Receive support for a wide variety of ways to learn
  • Receive a 350+ page resource manual (print and electronic) and DTD swag
  • Get your own copy of the Stages of Labor activity
  • Choose from trainers with different backgrounds
  • Participate in intensive small group learning
  • Have respect for your brain and body’s needs during online learning
  • Have opportunities to ask questions and build your community
  • Include your friend or family member in learning hands on skills
  • Learn to adapt to virtual support for families
  • Receive an autographed copy of The Heart of The Doula: Essentials for Practice and Life
  • Take advantage of alumni discounts on future online and in person continuing education events
In addition, online learners receive:
  • Guidelines for optimal learning for doula training skills
  • Assistance in selecting a “learning partner” for skills practice
  • Scripts for practicing labor simulations at home
  • Written copies of all hands on exercises for home practice

Hear From a
Former Participant:

“Amy designed our whole experience from registration to after the closing session; she thought about every detail. Whenever I had a question or a technical issue, someone was there to help…I was truly doula-ed through my whole training.”

Course Content

During our Birth Doula training workshop, you will work directly with a DTD Doula Trainer and other students to:

  • Discuss the emotions and psychological processes associated with labor and birth.
  • Discuss the role of the labor support person during the prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum periods; emphasizing the importance of appropriate, culturally sensitive support.
  • Practice hands on skills in positioning and comfort measures.
  • Learn how to enable laboring people and their partners to cope with complications in pregnancy, labor and early postpartum.
  • Assist clients to empower themselves in labor and advocate effectively.
  • Describe the doula’s standards of practice and ethical code of behavior.
  • Learn the practical aspects of setting up a doula practice, including the establishment of fees and records, finding your first clients, and planning your own first steps. (Over 50+ pages of business resources!)

Topics & Skills Covered During Birth Doula Training Online

Doula Integration Strategies
  • The Unique Power of the Doula
  • Working with Doctors, Midwives and Nurses
  • Creating A Team Atmosphere in the Labor Room
  • How Community Doulas Mend Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes
  • Doula Self Care
Pre- and Post-Labor Support Skills
  • Best Practices for Prenatal Visits
  • Immediate Postpartum and Third Stage
  • Supporting the “Golden Hour” for the Infant and Parents
  • Postpartum Visits
  • Challenging Labors
Emotional Support & Addressing Trauma
  • Emotional Support Strategies
  • Trauma Informed Care/ Doula’s Role in Trauma Prevention
  • Supporting Partners and Family Members
  • Crafting Relationships with Male Partners and Fathers
  • When the Doula or Client is Traumatized by the Birth
  • Recognizing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Aspiring Doula On Laptop Taking Birth Class Online
Physical Support
  • Touch and no touch ways to stimulate oxytocin
  • Neurologically Based Comfort Measures
  • Positions for Back Labor, Epidurals, and Stalled Labors
  • Optimizing Pain Medications
  • Use of the Peanut Ball
  • First Latch and Feeding Positioning
Growing Your Doula Practice
  • Writing a Birth Story
  • Doulaing The Doula Birth Doula Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Doulaing The Doula Certification Requirements
  • Running a Business Resources
  • Targeting and Defining Your Client Market
  • Individual Plan for Locating Clients
  • First Steps for Growing Your Business

Birth Doula Training Online Workshop Cost

Your investment for the Online Birth Doula Training is $850! That’s all for a 40-hour, fully designed course by an expert doula trainer!

Want to ensure an even smoother path for your new career? Choose from our success bundles, which include all our required courses and our certification program!

Remember, this is a paying career as a professional caregiver. It is our job to prepare you to do that with confidence, the day after your training. You can recoup your initial career investment with your first one or two clients right after training!

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