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Empowering Professional Doulas to Elevate Their Practice

At Doulaing The Doula, we believe that professional development is essential for any practicing doula. As the birthing process grows and evolves, and birthing culture continues to shift, it’s more important than ever to envelop yourself in relevant and up-to-date information. At DTD, we’ve developed comprehensive, culturally attuned, evidence based, and trauma informed courses designed to help you build your practice and your skillset.

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Doula working on the Doula Foundations of Doula Practice Course

Boost Your Practice with Our Foundations of Doula Practice Course

Our Foundations of Doula Practice course is open to anyone, including those who have not trained with us, because we want ALL doulas to be successful. Work with our experienced Foundations Coaches to focus in on your target clients; set up or refine your practice paperwork; work on your media/marketing strategy; develop your vision for your doula life; and better prepare for client meetings . Participants will have creative projects to complete before each meeting. This original curriculum is unique to Doulaing The Doula, and was designed by Amy Gilliland to be insightful, fun, and educational. Join others in a supportive atmosphere as you grow your doula selves!

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Join Our Advanced Learning Community

Dr. Amy Gilliland is continuously working on new material covering all aspects of the doula journey, which is made available online, for our Advanced Learning Community. With one annual fee, you can take as many courses as you like, as many times as you’d like! Get conference-level materials, earn continuing education hours (CE), and gain knowledge in the comfort of your own home while exploring topics like:

  • Powerful Prenatal Relationships
  • Recognizing and Caring For the Previously Traumatized Patient
  • Understanding Our Social Brains
  • Beginning Marketing For Doulas
  • DTD Postpartum Course

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Join Our DTD Book Club

Meet virtually with other doulas from all over the country with varying levels of practice and diverse cultural viewpoints to go over the core books in our primary reading list. Receive six DTD continuing education hours (CE’s) for your participation. Socialize and stay engaged while reviewing books covering key topics like:

  • Perspectives on birth work and doulas
  • Stillbirth, loss and grief
  • Politics of birth
  • Black health, midwifery and motherhood
  • The postpartum experience
  • Sexually marginalized people/queer birth and parenting

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Join the Doulaing The Doula Team

Are you an experienced doula with tens of births under your belt? Do other people in your area see you as a leader and seek out your advice? Are you uncertain how to help new doulas, but want to?

Our Foundation Of Doula Practice Coaches are experienced doulas and emerging leaders who see the value of cultivating doula support for all peoples. We created this new position in the doula world to offer experienced doulas a structured curriculum that would help them to build their own communities.

We are especially interested in assisting Foundation of Doula Practice Coaches from historically oppressed communities to better nurture doulas in those communities. If you are from a group that is marginalized in the health care system, and you want to nurture doulas from that community, we want to work with you!

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