The DTD Infant
Feeding Course

This infant feeding course is designed to help doulas help the parents they serve with their feeding journey – whether that includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or both – without judgment. This interactive course includes topics like:

  • basics of lactation and human milk feeding
  • the journey of lactation
  • common problems and solutions
  • machine and hand milk express
  • infant formula feeding
Doula Assisting Birthing Parent
Birthing Parent Feeding Newborn

Course Content

This course is fun, interactive, and taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who is enthusiastic about providing as much support to new and expectant families as possible.

You can expect this class to be inclusive and free of gendered hetero-normative language. Bring the knowledge that you already have, your curiosity, and an open heart and mind to learn about how to feed an infant from birth to weaning!

Topics Covered During the DTD Infant Feeding Course Include:
  • Using feeding language meant to support (not shame) parents
  • The 10 external factors that influence a successful breastfeeding relationship
  • The three risks of exclusive formula feeding to both infants and parents
  • An outline of the lactation journey
  • The lifestyle of a breast/chest feeding family
  • The three main methods of milk expression and removal
  • Examination of photos to evaluate a good or poor infant latch
  • Useful infant breast/chest feeding positions
  • The pros and cons of pacifiers
  • Common problems and solutions for infant feeding
  • The safe preparation of bottled milk
  • The conditions for an optimal formula feeding

Tuition: $125 Purchase Course

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