DTD Childbirth Course

Start Your Doula Path Or Learn More as a Professional

Our DTD Childbirth Course covers the basic knowledge to get started as a doula. It is an excellent resource for any professional working with pregnant families. Our coursework is full of learning activities, videos, and in-depth information you won’t find elsewhere. As a participant, you will receive context for childbirth today while examining the political, racial, social, and psychological aspects of birthing and being born, not just the basic biology.

The DTD Childbirth Course is required to complete our Birth Doula Training workshop. This is a one-day course that you can take the day before the three-day Birth Doula Training workshop.

DTD Doula Training Aspiring Doulas In Childbirth Course
Photo Of Amy and Aspiring Doulas In Childbirth Course
Amy Holding Newborn Baby Doll During Childbirth Class

Course Content

This childbirth class focuses on giving you the information you need to feel well versed in basic pregnancy and childbirth issues beyond what you would learn in a typical childbirth class. Unlike a traditional childbirth class for parents, our DTD Childbirth Course is targeted to your emotional and educational preparation to be a supportive professional rather than a new parent.

Topics Covered During Introduction to Childbirth Include:
  • Anatomy of the reproductive system
  • Physiology of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding
  • Common tests given during pregnancy
  • Definition of medical terms regarding labor
  • Procedures and tests used during normal birth; their risks and benefits
  • Relaxation techniques, breathing patterns, and comfort measures for labor
  • Positions for first and second stage of labor
  • Sexuality of childbirth
  • Narcotic, epidural and nitrous oxide pain medication administration and effects
  • Birth from the baby’s perspective
  • Basics of infant mental health

Why Selecting a Doula-Focused Childbirth Class Matters

  • This course includes greater depth and detailed information than you’ll receive in a course for parents.
  • Lots of exercises and activities you can do with your clients!
  • It includes a 50+ page electronic manual of handouts to use with clients
  • We will discuss how to teach concepts to parents during prenatal visits.
  • Everyone who has taken this course has loved what they learned and how they learned it!
Doula and Aspiring Doulas In Childbirth Workshop

How To Prepare

It is assumed that participants will have read a recently published, high quality pregnancy book. Pregnancy, Childbirth and The Newborn or Black, Pregnant and Loving It: The Comprehensive Pregnancy Guide for Today’s Woman of Color, or The Simple Guide To Having A Baby.

Hear from a Former Participant

“This has been a wonderful experience to help me clarify my values and re-energize my confidence that I can do it”

Check Your Schedule!

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