Build a DTD Training and Certification Program in Your Community

We have created opportunities for qualified people to become birth doula trainers with DTD. As a DTD Birth Doula Trainer and Foundations Coach, you are starting your own training practice using DTD curriculum as your guide, after going through our DTD Mentoring program. As a DTD Birth Doula Trainer and Foundations Coach, you are an independent contractor and will set your own training schedule, manage and support your doula students, and adapt the DTD curriculum to the cultural and social needs of your community.

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Becoming a DTD Foundations of Doula Practice Coach

Experienced birth doulas who are eager to nurture others are invited to apply to become Foundations Coaches. Coaches are already leaders in their communities who have attended tens of births and have successful businesses. They’ve brought their vision to life and are prepared to nurture other doulas to bring about their own transformations. We are eager to see Foundations Coaches from every marginalized and historically oppressed community, using our curriculum to bring about empowerment and change from a grassroots level. Foundations of Doula Practice is about doulas helping doulas, something many experienced doulas have wanted to provide, but didn’t know how. Now you have the tools you’ve always wanted to expand your business.

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Becoming a DTD Birth Doula Trainer

Doulaing The Doula Birth Doula Trainers facilitate the DTD Childbirth Course, The Birth Doula Training workshop, and are also Foundations of Doula Practice Coaches. We are looking for people who have attended at tens of births with extensive group facilitation skills, and who are passionate about educating and shaping the next generations of doulas.

As a DTD faculty member, you are an acknowledged leader in your community and are taking a stand for equitable care for all people. Your role is to be an inspiring educator who assists learners in developing greater confidence and skills in their ability to care for others during labor and the perinatal period. You are accepting, nonjudgmental, and use teaching and learning methods that are adaptable, diverse, and work for many kinds of people with different capacities.

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