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Welcome to Our Birth Doula Certification Process

At Doulaing The Doula, our goal is to provide you with a birth doula certification process that is personal, meaningful, and achievable while setting the standard for our profession. We believe that attendance at births, working with clients, interaction with peers and mentors, and reflecting on each experience are the best strategies for doula learning and growth after you’ve completed our core trainings and courses.

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What Birth Doula Certification Means

When you complete the DTD Birth Doula Certification Program, our organization certifies that you have:

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Demonstrated, through observation or interaction, that you possess the appropriate emotional and physical support skill set as a doula.

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Read, understand, and abide by the description of our Birth Doula Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Continued to show signs of predictable growth as a doula.

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Birth Doula Certification Recognition

When you complete Doulaing The Doula’s Birth Doula Certification program, you will receive:

  • A frameable certificate recognizing your achievement
  • An electronic copy of your certificate
  • The credential of Certified Birth Doula, or CBD to use after your name
  • A laminated photo ID badge and lanyard for secure identification
  • One year’s free listing with photo and Certification status in our online, searchable, doula directory (provides additional identification for hospital entry)
  • The privilege to observe other doulas who are in the process of certifying with DTD (either virtually or in person) and affirm and nurture their skills by filling out the Observation Form
  • Our continued support and possible mediation if there are any parent/doula or facility/doula conflicts that require discussion or mediation
  • Fun and useful Doulaing The Doula swag

Your Pathway to Certification

At Doulaing The Doula, we have developed a unique and engaging certification process based on Dr. Gilliland’s twenty plus years of research listening to doulas. The DTD Certification Program centers your growth and development as you serve families through affirmation of your skills, gathering feedback, and reflective practice. Research shows that reflection leads to insight and growth. Accessibility is built in to our program; we accept video responses as well as written ones for certification assignments.

Coursework & Workshops

Attend our core classes and workshops, either in-person or online.

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Take our core class The DTD Childbirth Course and our 3-day intensive DTD Birth Doula Training.

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Read and agree to abide by our Birth Doula Standards of Practice and Birth Doula Code of Ethics.

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Apply for our certification program and receive your directory listing and provisional certification, which communicates to health care facilities and clients that you are ready to do fieldwork.

Self-Paced Learning & Fieldwork

Complete our online, self-paced certification course.
Please note, you can work through steps 4–6 at the same time.

Step 4

Complete two additional short classes: The DTD Postpartum Course, and the DTD Infant Feeding Course.

Step 5

Attend six births and sharing an essay or video for each, submit a birth story, share feedback from parents and nurses/midwives, and be visited during a labor for two hours by a DTD certified doula (optional).

Step 6

Read six books from our list of 21 essential works and submit an essay or video response for each. You can do this in tandem with the required birth attendance.

Step 7

Submit your materials for final review by our DTD team.

Hear From
DTD Founder,
Dr. Amy Gilliland

“‘Doulaing the Doula’ is not just a catchphrase. It’s what I realized I was doing in every training, and when I needed to choose a business name, it was my truth. I really believe that one needs to be nurtured through this process, which in turns helps us to patiently nurture others.”

Birth Doula Certification Materials

When you sign up for our Birth Doula Certification program, you will receive:

  • Observation sheets for births
  • Gifts for nurses and midwives for filling out your Observation Sheet
  • Copy of Birth and Attachment
  • Identify yourself as a Doulaing The Doula “trainee,” “doula in training” or “certification candidate” in your media and self description
  • One year’s free listing with photo and “trainee” Certification status in our online, searchable, doula directory (provides identification for hospital entry)
  • Discounts on online and in person courses offered by Amy Gilliland or Doulaing The Doula
  • Twice monthly discounts for a Doulaing The Doula t-shirt or favorite item on TeePublic
  • Doulaing The Doula unscented bath salts for self-care
  • Fun and useful Doulaing The Doula swag

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Certification Course Bundles

  • DTD Childbirth Course
  • Birth Doula Training
  • DTD Postpartum Course
  • DTD Infant Feeding Course
  • Certification Program Included

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  • All required courses
  • Certification program
  • Book Club Group Meetings,
  • Foundations of Doula Practice,
  • One year membership in our advanced learning community
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions w/your Trainer

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  • The DTD Childbirth Course
  • The 3-Day Birth Doula Training Workshop
  • The DTD Postpartum Course
  • The DTD Infant Feeding Course
  • The DTD Certification Program
  • DTD Doula Directory Listing (provisional and certified)
  • 1 private coaching session with your DTD Doula Trainer

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