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Health Care Providers CME & CE Professional Development Workshop

Nurses, physicians, and nursing and medical students are welcome in all our DTD classes and workshops, but this course is designed with your specific career needs in mind. Nurses and doctors who have a repertoire of labor support skills have much more to offer their patients! While doctors and nurses are trained to focus on the processes of birth, doulas are trained to focus on the person birthing. The most effective practitioners embrace both perspectives, which is challenging to do in the real world.

If you are going to be working alongside doulas, administering a program, or promoting doula support as a solution to racial inequities in your area, this training is designed to give you the tools you need to be successful.

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Course Recognition

Our Health Care Provider training includes 28 continuing education hours (CEs) for nurses.  Dr. Gilliland is licensed by the California Board of Nursing as a continuing education provider, #16959.

Amy with Aspiring Doula Completing CME-CE

This Workshop Includes:


course in birth doula training


advanced training in positioning to solve specific problems


training for recognizing and treating the previously traumatized patient

Doula training Aspiring Doula

Why Take A DTD Doula Training as a Healthcare Professional?

Our unique perspective considers medical anthropology, systems theory, interpersonal neurobiology, doula studies, as well as traditional sources such as nursing and midwifery to train you in a new way of thinking.

A new way of thinking means more and better solutions for recurring problems.

Trauma informed care involves a new way of thinking and approaching other humans. We model that in the training and assist you in identifying the subtle nuances in communication that make a difference to patients.

We train you in how to use your brain and your innate skillset to become the observant caregiver and leader that you want to be.

We provide you with an extensive downloadable e-file manual to provide evidence for all of our concepts. It can also help you in creating policy or leading staff discussions at your institution.

Dr. Gilliland’s extensive knowledge as a Research Fellow means your spontaneous questions can often be answered.

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Meeting Nursing School Requirements

Many nursing students want experience in labor and delivery before completing school. Doula work can help to meet that need. In a competitive field, a DTD Doula Training Completion Certificate can be the difference in getting hired for the position.

Others are uncertain whether obstetrics or midwifery are the right choice. This workshop can provide a concrete answer. Every nurse who has taken the course has stated that the patient care skills they learned were applicable in every unit they worked in the hospital or clinic. Many graduating students said their DTD doula training provided the “missing piece” in daily bedside interaction and touch skills with patients, giving them the confidence to provide care.

Parents with Newborn Baby
Improve Your Practice with DTD Doula Certification

Nurses and physicians will attend more births than a doula ever can – they have the possibility of influencing the lives of thousands of families and babies. Because of this, we encourage you to take our full Birth Doula Training Program. By learning and adopting birth doula skills into your medical practice, you can offer more wholistic care that not only centers the physical needs of your patients, but focuses on their mental and emotional well-being for more successful births. Through our trauma informed, evidence based, culturally attuned curriculum, you can improve outcomes for previously traumatized or marginalized birthing parents and their newborns.

Hear From
Past Participants

“As an OB/GYN, I hope to utilize what I learned in your course (and book) to educate, support, and empower women through, perhaps, the most important and self-determining event in their lives.  Thank you! Thank you!  A million times over, thank you!”

Obstetrician, attending a recent training for Health Care Professionals

“I think of you almost daily. I took two of your classes for Doula training. I recommend you all the time. I still use many of the things you have taught now though as a family nurse practitioner and nurse midwife. You definitely formed who I am today.”

Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner

“It’s such a bonus when my students take the training!  They become amazing students in clinical as a result…It’s such a struggle to keep this a reality in our hyper-medicalized-surgicalized health care world. Thanks for doing what you do!”

Nursing College Faculty Clinical Instructor

“As a nurse with twenty years experience, I thought I knew it all. But this training inspired and revitalized me even more than learning new skills. I understand the “why” behind so many things now and can work with people more effectively. Thank you!”


“Without this workshop I doubt I would have become the doctor I always wanted to be for my patients. I wish everyone had the opportunity to take this training and learn vital patient care and self care skills!”

Family Practice Physician
Build Your Skills with Our Birth Doula Training Workshop

Nurses, nursing students, and other healthcare professionals practicing in OB/GYN are invited to join take our three-day intensive Birth Doula Training Workshop. During small group learning with professional doulas, you will:

  • Recognize the emotions and psychological processes associated with labor and birth.
  • Treat every patient and family with trauma informed care.
  • Discuss the role of the labor support person during the prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum periods; emphasizing the importance of appropriate, culturally sensitive support.
  • Practice hands on skills in positioning and comfort measures.
  • Learn how to enable laboring people and their partners to cope with complications in pregnancy, labor and early postpartum.
  • Develop strategies to guide the supportive parent/father through their own unique journey of labor and birth
  • Assist clients to empower themselves in labor and advocate effectively.
  • Describe the doula’s standards of practice and ethical code of behavior.
  • In an optional online module, learn the practical aspects of setting up a doula practice, including the establishment of fees and records, finding your first clients, and planning your own first steps. (Over 50+ pages of business resources!)
  • Bundle and Save! Enhance your pregnancy and labor support practices with our Infant Feeding Class and our DTD Postpartum Course