DTD Doula Recertification

Recertification happens on the second and fourth anniversaries of your initial DTD certification. After your second recertification, you are certified for life. Our recertification process is intentionally designed to help you grow and cultivate good habits during the initial stages of your career as a Doula, including the pursuit of continuing education and reflective practice.  Our recertification process is specially designed to make sure we keep in touch with you and learn more about your joys and challenges as you grow. After five years together, we believe you’ve matured into a seasoned doula.

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Example Certification and Recertification Schedule

July 2023:
Accepted into DTD Certification Program, receive Provisional Certification


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Pink Arrow Down

January 2024
Complete all Certification Requirements, achieve CBD credential

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January 2026
Recertification period

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January 2028
Recertification period to achieve Lifetime Certification

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Recertification is Required to Maintain Credentials from DTD

Recertification should not feel like a chore! It’s an opportunity to connect and grow your skills with other doulas while getting the support you need to address any issues you may be having while celebrating your wins!

We’re a community, we want to know what you’re up to. Keeping up on current topics is important; things change. We want to reinforce that self-awareness and reflection are key to cultivating a doula’s emotional intelligence. And most importantly, if there’s a grievance involving you, we want to have more frequent contact.

The DTD Recertification Process

We offer a flexible and straightforward path to recertification that includes four basic steps:

Step 1

Update us on your accomplishments and current feelings about birth work – no more than one to two pages.

Step 2

Obtain 16 CE’s on topics related to birth doula work anytime in the two year period. Show by submitting a certificate of attendance with your name on it.

Step 3

Choose one of three options to complete the recertification process:

Submit two to three birth stories and “Reflection After A Birth” sheets for the review committee to read.

OR If you didn’t attend any births, but you or your intimate life partner had a pregnancy, you can share with us how that experience changed how you see labor support.

OR If you didn’t attend any births, you may substitute three intentional conversations you had with people about their births. Summarize for us what you learned from listening to each person.

Step 4

Pay the recertification fee.

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Cost of Recertification

The cost is $100. $30 pays for the online directory listing for two years; the rest goes to your packet reader. If you don’t want to be in the directory, we will put your funds towards our financial aid program.

You will also receive:

  • Your renewal certificate, written and electronic
  • Letter from your packet reader
  • More DTD swag – because it’s fun!