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Our doula courses and workshops are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to serve a wide range of people seeking to provide support for expecting and postpartum families. Participants who attend our trainings support the neurohormonal process of birth, and change people’s lives for the better. Each of our participants learn to be consciously present during this life altering time, not just through doula support, but by listening intelligently to all people about their birth experiences. Whether looking to start your practice, build your existing skills, earn CE or CME credits for your medical profession, or simply just to be a better support person for someone you love, we offer courses and trainings to help you on your journey.

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In session training with certified doulas

Aspiring Doulas

Our courses and workshops are a great place to start for aspiring doulas looking to learn more about the practice and science of doula birth and postpartum support. Our childbirth and postpartum classes provide clear insights into important topics like sexual and reproductive anatomy, how the brain functions during labor and postpartum, providing trauma informed care from your first greeting, building relationships with clients and medical professionals, and historical and anthropological insights into our culture’s way of “doing birth”. We go way beyond comfort measures and positioning to build the strong skillset you need to be an effective doula.

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Professional Doulas

Professional Doulas

At Doulaing The Doula, we believe that all doulas should have access to new, evidence-based, trauma-informed education to further build their skillsets, regardless of where they received their initial training or certification. We offer a wide range of post-certification education and training options designed to help you better connect with your clients, build your marketing skills, and learn new doula techniques. All doulas are welcome here!

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Medical Professionals & Students

While doctors and nurses are trained to focus on the processes of birth, doulas are trained to focus on the person birthing.  The most effective practitioners embrace both perspectives, which is challenging to do in the real world. If you are going to be working alongside doulas, administering a program, or promoting doula support as a solution to racial inequities in your area we have CE and CME workshops specially designed to support your labor support education needs.

Students attend our courses to have an advantage in getting hired in a mother/baby or labor and delivery unit, or to explore whether a midwifery path is right for them. Other students discover through our training that their hearts lie elsewhere. The beauty of our doula courses is that they emphasize patient caregiving skills that are important to use no matter what specialty you choose. Nurses over the years have told our team how helpful these courses were in forming their workflow and process for working with patients.

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General Education

General Education

Is someone in your life going to give birth? Are you looking to better support their needs before, during, and after pregnancy? You may be interested in building your nurturing and support skills with a qualified professional doula to provide the best support possible! We offer introductory classes to childbirth that can help you support your loved one as they bring a new life into this world.

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Financing Your New Career

First, we offer payment plans at checkout to help spread out the costs. Second, we offer a list of creative ways past participants have used to finance their training and certification (ex: find a client, have them pay your tuition, and attend their birth for free). Third, we offer one fully paid seat in every training of five people or more to a person of color who could not otherwise afford to attend a doula training and who expects to offer doula support to people in their own communities. This scholarship covers the DTD Childbirth Course, DTD Birth Doula Training, the DTD Postpartum Course, and DTD Online Certification.

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