Doulaing the DoulaBirth Doula Training and Certification

Finding the right doula training for you is more than finding one that fits your budget and schedule.
You want to make sure that your training adds value to your life and furthers your goals.

Take a Doula Workshop...

  • Where 99% of participants feel confident in their ability to doula effectively
  • That emphasizes communication skills and teaches you how to get along with medical professionals
  • Where all kinds of births and parents are supported
  • Where everyone feels that their time and money was well spent
  • Where everyone is welcome no matter what their background or reason for attending
  • That has the potential to transform your life

From a Doula Trainer who...

Amy Gilliland

  • Has won awards for her teaching excellence
  • Is considered a “thought leader” and “visionary” by leaders in the doula professions
  • Is an internationally known speaker and educator – for her style as well as her substance
  • Deeply understands and shares your passion for birth
  • Feels everyone benefits from learning caring skills and the significant impact of the changes that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum bring to the intimate life

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Amy shares her passion for her work and extensive experience in a direct and meaningful way.