Building Stronger Doula Communities

Wherever They Are Needed

At Doulaing The Doula, our goal is not only to help create and nurture better doulas, but to help our doula alums support other doulas in their journey! We intentionally center our doulas and their communities in our training and certification processes to ensure the skills each doula learns can be easily adapted to meet the unique needs of the families they serve.

Doula Communities
We actively work to end inequities in birth outcomes that are categorized by racialized ethnicity and immigrant status and seek to create an anti-racist, safe space for doulas to learn and grow.

Supporting the Communities That Need It Most

We are actively seeking experienced doulas who represent communities that are not centered in our health care system to become DTD Foundations of Doula Practice Coaches. We believe that doulas can legitimize each other’s experiences and choices. Our goal is to have in person and online courses that feature Coaches from specific communities in order to better nurture doulas within those communities. Our program is designed to be flexible and center the doula in their own learning. We modify our training and certification programs for additional/different speakers and topics to meet a specific community’s unique needs. For example, in 2023, we facilitated a Spanish-speaking, Latinx/Hispanic-centered training with six of our DTD Certified Doulas as Training Assistants. They led many of the exercises and activities, and will continue to adapt with their own reading list using the same Book Club topics.

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Finding Doulas Who Want to Grow Doula Practices in Their Communities

We believe it takes one good doula to set the foundation for a strong network of dedicated doulas to enhance birthing outcomes for any community. If you are from a community that is marginalized in the majority culture, and you want to create more doulas in and from that community, we want to work with you.

Together, we can build the labor support network each community deserves, using tailored, culturally attuned skills and techniques

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