Many people are attracted to birth and supporting others through this intense and life changing period of life. Being a doula means having a caring heart and a willing pair of hands; and a listening ear. That isn’t limited to people who have used their uterus to create another person or who even have a uterus!  Your desire to be present with others is what matters most.

Having said that, there will be potential clients who will want a doula who has been through the experience themselves. However people choose their doula based on who they feel safe with. They will be naked with you, emotionally and physically, so the person who gives them that sense of trust and security is who ends up being their doula. Ultimately that has so much to do with them and so little to do with you, that just being your authentic self is the best strategy.

Not having birthed children may mean that you aren’t parenting at home. If that’s the case you have more availability, flexibility and emotional energy for your clients. That can be a huge plus for your clients.

If you are still feeling a lack of confidence think of it this way. New doulas who are parents have one experience of their own. They still need to learn about the variety of experiences and perspectives by listening to other people, just like you. Sometimes their own story colors how they see other people’s births, while you will always be open minded.

Lastly, in my forty years of doula experience I have never known not having a baby to be an impediment to an active and involved doula practice. I’ve known many childless doulas who had very successful businesses.

-Amy L. Gilliland