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We believe that being a doula is a life-long journey of learning, reflection, and community. We are so proud to work with doulas of all backgrounds from across the country and seek to help all doulas build their skills, regardless of where they received their doula certification. One of the many ways we support professional doulas is through our Online Learning Community.

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Becoming an Annual DTD Online Learning Community Member

At Doulaing The Doula, we offer a wide variety of courses that explore everything from ways to increase your effectiveness with families through trauma-informed and anti-racist approaches to learning how to better manage your paperwork. With one annual fee of $300, you will have unlimited access to an ever-evolving course list, including:

Doula Assisting Birthing Parent and Partner with Birthing Ball
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Powerful Prenatal Relationships

Become the confident and calm doula, nurse, family visitor, or social worker who knows how to develop transformative relationships with pregnant clients. Increase your effectiveness with families through trauma informed & anti-racist approaches.

Your Social Brain

Our brains are designed for us to connect to others. Come on a journey with DTD where we show you how our social brains work and how to meet those needs – even in a virtual environment. Increase your social effectiveness by understanding your brain!

Recognizing the Previously Traumatized Person in Labor

How do you recognize whether a patient or client has previous trauma (PT)? What do you change in order to optimize their birth outcomes? Apply these strategies immediately after completing this course and return for the intriguing resources.

Business and Marketing for New Doulas

Learn new ways to build your practice, better manage paperwork, and identify your target clients with experienced, professional doulas.

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Building Your Doula Community

As a member of our Online Learning Community, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with doulas of varying experience from across the country, and even internationally! Meet and learn together virtually or connect and discuss key topics in our DTD Book Club. Expand your understanding of the diverse and beautiful nature of doulaing and create long-lasting friendships.

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