The DTD Postpartum Course (online)


Our DTD Postpartum Course is a comprehensive examination of the first year after a pregnancy ends. Amy Gilliland has spent three years pulling together materials from academic sources as well as raw lived experience to craft this journey. Dr. Gilliland developed this course to help a wide range of people through the postpartum period, focusing largely on parents, educators, birthworkers, nurses, family visitors, sexuality educators, and therapists. This course also supports the healing needs of people after their own challenging births and postpartums.

This course is an online, self-paced journey exploring a wide range of topics through learning activities, short lectures, and edutaining videos.

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During this course, we will start with some helpful models to create a map for the material that we’re going to cover throughout the sections of the course. Then, at the end of the course, we will revisit those models to see how much you’ve absorbed about that first year.

Topics Covered During The DTD Postpartum Course Include:

  • What’s Happening During Postpartum?
  • Physical recovery and the new parental brain
  • Psychological adjustment and emotional recovery
  • Postpartum grief, rage, mood disorders, and suicide prevention
  • Postpartum for partners, fathers, and non-gestational parents
  • #1 supportive strategy is using intentional language
  • Support for Queer families
  • Postpartum for people with sensory processing differences and neurodivergence
  • Discovering baby – sleep, state, cues, feeding, temperament
  • Sexual intimacy, body image and genital self-image
  • Recovery from medicalization of the body during hospital birth
  • Influences on recovery
  • Caring for families when the baby has died
  • Intentional diapering and bathing
  • Infant mental health and memory formation
  • Detailed activities, handouts to print, and strategies to support postpartum families