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The Doula Training and Certification Programs Receives Grant

Doulaing The Doula Training and Certification Programs is proud to announce they are the recipient of a Wisconsin Department of Health Services grant to mentor four doulas as birth doula trainers in our organization. We are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for doulas from historically oppressed communities to develop more doulas to serve others. Prior to DTD’s Trainer Mentoring Program, there has been no path for experienced doulas to expand into coaching or training. Our goal is to change that with a special focus on doulas who care for people who are marginalized in our medical system.

Our endeavor expands the options for existing doula programs to have their own internal source for training and extended support. Rather than costing them money to hire an outside trainer, they will have an additional source of income for their program. Another innovation is that the DTD Trainer continues to work with doulas for at least half a year, which helps to ensure their success in this new career.

The DTD Trainer Mentoring Program is explained on this page

In addition to the grantees, we will be opening for applications this fall for our spring Mentoring Group.